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Steve: Hello Shmuley...
Shmuley: The fuck did you just call me?
Steve: You heard me.
Shmuley: Look Steve...getting accidental mom boob is one thing, but getting accidental mom forehead brushed on your hangsters is going too far. I won't stand for it!
Steve: Your mom stood for it.
Shmuley: Steve, I now have no choice but to get your mom to accidentally handle my nardledangers. Get ready, pal...your mom's gonna touch more sack than a medieval grain merchant on inventory day!
by single.stak9 January 17, 2019
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Douche bag-"I'm going to make your mom grab my nardle dangers."
Kid thats picked on "Don't talk bout my momma like that"
by simmons1152 July 22, 2011
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