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The act of quickly falling asleep, and/or the feeling of fatigue that one feels after engaging in a satisfying act of sexual intercourse with a partner.

Derived from the words "narcolepsy" and "sex".
Sally laid awake for hours, but after waking up her boyfriend and having sex with him, she fell asleep within five minutes. It was a classic case of narcosexy.
by lillyrilly July 10, 2013
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A curvy girl usually augmented with plastic surgery. The term originated from Brazil, Columbia areas where girls would have plastic surgery for breast and butt implants to augment their curves to be more attractive vs the skinny tall high fashion standard of beauty . The narco part Is kind of a joke of trying to attract the drug lords in the area to pay for the augmentation surgery.
Did you see the curves on that girl. She is narcosexy.
by Blacksheep214 May 02, 2017
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