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A rare American pastry beloved by and named for Neo-Mussolini heroine Janet Napolitano, Boss Lady of the TSA, filled with a custardy concoction of toddlers' panty messes decorated with delightfully soft turd kisses - all harvested by the TSA from the bowels of 95 year old dying American grandmothers and crying American toddlers at US airports.
There aren't many turd-custard filled dessert recipes that offer a lovely light pastry filled with 95 year old creamy cancer-filled diarrhea such as this Janet Napolitano pastry.

Outside of the TSA boss lady and her friends in al Qaeda, you won't find many Americans able to harvest the ingredients needed to make this rare Fascist delicacy, like this Napolitano Pastry invented by, named for and scarfed down by Janet Napolitano every morning!
by BitsySchlap June 27, 2011
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