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All Naphat's have small penises. They also are part of the rare breed of shemale, meaning a presence of both women and male genitalia. Naphat's tend to walk sticking out their chest area, confidently. Naphat's fashion style tends to be horrible, often wearing stripe shirts (with mosquito repellent) with basketball shorts and crocs. They also tend to wear the same sweatpants over the period of their whole life, often wearing the same set of shirts to go with their sweatpants. They are also Asian, but will talk equivalent of a black male, using words like: bruh, chill, ayo. Naphat also google translates the word fo sho from english to Thai, with no success.
Ex. 1

Man, Sand's such a naphat man., look at that mosquito repellent.
Dude that guy's name is Naphat. He must have a small penis.

Ex. 2

Person 1: Hey man, whats your name?

Person 2: wassup bruh ayo my name is Naphat!

Person 1: Damn no-wonder why your fashion sense is so ugly, you probably also have a small penis.

Person 2: What yo say bruh, you on same mad disrespect right now *closes lips and squint eyes and nods his head left to right* *breaths into balled up fists"
by theprocess September 25, 2019
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