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(In "Another Note:the Los Angeles BB Murder cases") A member of the FBI who is assigned the Mission of capturing the serial killer Beyond Birthday, or BB, by The great Detective L. She is a master of Capoeira, and undertakes the case while off of work.

(In the Death Note Anime) She becomes literally, a "lost Cause." A retired FBI Agent who appears after learning of her fiancee's death.
She is able to nearly prove Raito(Light) as being Kira, but ultimately gives away her name, and becomes victim to the Death Note.
Random person 1: Who is your favorite character in the anime Death Note?

Random person 2: Naomi Misora, She's awesome!

Random Person 1: I personally like Beyond Birthday and L better, but She's my third favorite!
by PsychoticMuppet June 13, 2009
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