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She's a sexy beast who has amazing dance moves (unlike her sister) and atracts all the boys but the one lover that she barely knows. But, she lives for Singers hotness!!!!! (codename) she loves parties and cant sing high. she is gorgeous and is the sex. she has a friend who's a slut who shes not sure why shes friends with, but she also has many other best friends who arent sluts!!!! so yay!!!!!!!!!!! if u read this u should know that nancy noodles and a bomb and is something else that i can't think of!!!!!!!!! You should love her with all ur heart!!!!!!!!!!! now go and party!!!!!! woooh!!!!!!
"I want to BANG that nancy noodles!!!!"
"Nancy Noodles is a sexy beast"
"Nancy NOodles is too cool for me"
"Nancy Noodles is a boss!!!!!"
by Nancy Noodles January 13, 2012
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