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Nampa Senior High School, or Nampa High for short, is set in a mid-sized city (a city with a population less than 250,000) called Nampa, of Canyon county, Idaho.

Nampa Senior High School may in short be called Nampa High.

There are normally about 1,500 students that attend each year. There could be more going to the school if the district didn't draw all the school zone lines so that all the rich kids could attend the pansy Skyview High School across town. **Please note image #1**

The current student body is made up of 74% caucasian, 25% hispanic, and 1% other. So anyone that says Nampa High is a trashy school where all the "beaners" go, has just been proven wrong, so now you need to shut the F up...

The sports at Nampa High School arn't always the best, please note image #1 again to see that Skyview clearly has an advantage to more students, thus more talent in everything.

One thing that is totally kick ass at Nampa High is their Marching Band, sure we may make fun of the band kids, but they're always the ones to bring the trophies home...

All there is left to say is once a Bulldog, ALWAYS a Bulldog! BULLDOG PRIDE!
Nampa Senior High School is totally kick ass...
by Bulldogs Forever July 14, 2006
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