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To Namify a name is to create a new word, prefixing the original word with one's name. A successful Namify flows naturally off ones tongue and maintains the same number of syllables as the original word.

A successful Namify may suffix the name to the word, or even incorporate the name within the word.
To Namify the name:

Jim: Jimvolved, Jimmigrant, Jimpregnate, Jimpotent etc.
Phil: Philosopher, Philanderer
Shaf: Shaffirmative
Gem: Gemotional

Example in a sentence: "Why not get Jimvolved and play Namify with your friends?"
by Jimothy Jim October 24, 2011
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Pronounced (name-i-fy) (verb)

The act of using the name of a noun in the context of a verb in order to describe an occurring event via the description of the noun. This can be any noun, person, place, or thing. In fact, "Namify" is the namified form of the noun "name."

Forms of Namify:
Namified, Namifying, Namifies (verbs)
namification (noun)
Example, if Jess is a sex fiend, one might say about another person, "Oh, she's Jessing with Jack, Bill, and Bob." Or, "She Jessed all over the place."

"Googled" is already namified. "to google" is another form as a verb

Although the noun "computer" already has a verb tense "compute," "computing," "computed" etc. one would say "he/she/it computered" in order to use the description of the noun as a verb.

The Monalisa is a famous painting. Example: "The painter Monalisaed my living room."

Adding the correct suffixes for the certain parts of speech to a noun will allow you to namify any noun in any context.
by STeeLWord7 January 14, 2013
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