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When a person continuously name-drops somebody who they admire, more often than not a person who isn't famous, merely a nobody who has gained cult status in one person's eyes.
1: "Yeah, I have a friend called Tom. He's quite awesome."
2: "Okay."
1: "He once drank, like, 16 beers in one night"
2: "Sweet. You been on YouTube lately?"
1: "Yeah! Tom has an account on there, he's got loads of dope material"
2: "Right... you want to go play football?"
1: "Yeah. Let me call Tom, see if he wants to come"
2: "I was thinking just a quick game"
1: "Dude! Tom loves quick games!"
2: "AHHH! Name Drain! Why don't you just go and suck Tom off?"
by Redlineonhill February 13, 2008
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