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1. A section of Urban Dictionary where people feel the need to write definitions about their own names to make themselves and those who they wish to have sexual intercourse with feel better.

2. A section of Urban Dictionary that is misused as a burn book to roast someone (usually a person from school) the author doesn’t like.
A few examples of what people do in the Name Section of Urban Dictionary.

1. Jason: “I’m gonna look my name up in the name section on Urban Dictionary.”
Jackson: “What does it say?”
Jason: “‘Jason- Jason is the coolest kid in school and has the biggest penis ever’”
Jackson: “Who would be desperate enough for attention to write their own definition on Urban Dictionary?”
Jason: “Me, you dummy!”

2. Brittany: “OMG this girl named Sally at my school is such a slut. I’m gonna write a definition about her in the name section on Urban Dictionary.”
Becca: “LOL that would be sooooo funny! What will it say?”
Brittany: “Sally- Sally is a slut who is a loser and is ugly. She is also a cow.”
by PissPotPatty May 27, 2018
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