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Plural - Namateurs

The word Namateur has originated more as a nickname for people (namateurs) who class themselves as amateur within the adult internet industry but do earn an income from their work at the same time.

An amateur is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science, without formal training or pay. An amateur receives little or irregular income from their activities, and differs from a professional who makes a living from the pursuit and typically has some formal training and certifications in the domain.

The lack of financial recompense for an amateur who moves into a pursuit can be seen as a sign of commitment for that pursuit, so therefore when an amateur attains a high level of success and generates an income, they are often perceived as the better option due to their dedication and committment as, although professionals may have the qualifications, they can be regarded with some negativity as they are 'Only in it for the money'.

Many amateurs with a passion for their pursuit now earn a considerably large income but are not classed as professional as they have still not studied or attained accreditation in their field of expertise or passed formal exams.

Therefore they are not technically an amateur any longer, but neither a professional so the term Namateur was born.

N signifying the word Not or perhaps No longer a mere amateur.
Namateurs self promote themselves on many forums looking for paid work
by Tacnet November 25, 2009
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