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A beautiful, smart, hilarious girl that you should never let go of. She makes you feel a way that no one else can
I am going to marry Nakiyah
by SsbtkctERS June 11, 2018
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Nakiyah...Where do I start?... Nakiyah Is a beautiful girl and a great girlfriend. They are funny, smart, kind, weird ,and mean sometimes. The y have hella friends and always meets one everyday. She will be quick to beat someone ass she is not fake and she does not like fake ppl if she don't like you oh well. She stay dating but have good grades so If you find a Nakiyah keep her because Nakiyah's are lit asf
Did you see Nakiyah fight that girl?
You know Nakiyah date this person?

Nakiyah fine asf and bad
by beth1453 February 19, 2017
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