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This was a Name of a Royal bloodline back in poland, This Royal Bloodline was dedicated to the protection of the King. They where also a highly intelligent creators or weaponry, skilled in assasination arts and Sabotage.

The Russian Tzar had placed a huge price on any Najbicz head that was brought to him. Thats when the family name went under ground and only reappered in the 1st world war.

Unfortunitly there is a lot lost to time about these great Royal bloodline. Even the Billions of euros worth or gold owed to them buy Poland and the other countrys that hired them to do work for them.
There are none to speak of maybe the rumor that they did assasinate the Russian tzar for putting the price on there heads. Najbicz, could still be around to day.
by Lost bloodlines historian January 10, 2011
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