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Nahima is a cute, beautiful and modest girl. She would never do anything wrong and is very polite and selfless. She is also a sweet-tooth.
Nahima's favourite food is desserts.
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by Purple08 January 24, 2019
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Hot, sexy Latin American woman who enjoys getting seduced by even sexier Latin men. A spontaneous, unpredictable woman who can't be tamed no matter how hard you try: a relationship with her is filled with mystery and stimulating surprises. Her voice is powerful and pierces the air: Nahima makes her presence known from a mile away. She's the center of attention, and her body is perfection. After a single encounter with her, you'll always be wanting more. Careful though: being romantic will only take you so far; what a Nahima wants is a crazy partner to drive her LOCA. The most amazing dance partner you'll ever have is Nahima.
Guy 1: Hey dude, did you hear I'm going out with Nahima?
Guy 2: No way boy! That chick is on FIRE!
Guy 1: Yea man, it's a crazy relationship though! You always gotta be coming up with different stuff to keep her interested.. like singing songs

Guy 2: What kinda songs?
Guy 1: Obviously the Latin type.. like "Tu Amor Me Hace Bien.." but you gotta sing it with passion, 'cuz if not she'll know.
by thecrazybeen November 14, 2010
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