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Pronunciation: näbil’-ěsk'

1. Related to being a strong leader who gets the job done. President Barack Obama is considered a man who shows very Nabilesque qualities.
2. Characterized as a victor who never backs down and does whatever it takes to succeed. After surviving testicular cancer, Lance Armstrong and his Nabilesque mentality went on to break records for the Tour De France.
3. Often related to espionage or careers relating to secrecy. An undercover agent for the CIA must pass a test and complete a rugged training course relating to very Nabilesque ideals.
4. The complex meaning has been applied in various ways to represent very similar things such defining power and defining success.

Synonyms: Powerful, boss, winner, open minded, creative,
intelligent, complex, active, hustler, stealthy, manipulative

Antonyms: Weak, simple, ignorant, untrustworthy,

Etymology: The word is of Arabic origin meaning “noble,” Of or relating to Nabil. Word first appeared in 1991.


The 1983 film Scarface is said to be Nabilesque because of a rise to power coming from nothing and controlling old assets.

The position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is considered an ideal Nabilesque job position.

The mythical “money tree plant” in which money actually grows on trees exists and is the main plant in a Nabilesque society.

by nabill March 02, 2009
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