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When playing Black Ops, to get an unprededented amount of kills, so much so that your teammates will often become angry, saying things like, "hey, stop stealing all the kills," "save some kills for the rest of us," or "christ, ANOTHER huey? What the fuck man?" Can be shortened to simply "Niteshift."

Also, to act in an overly famboyant and highly offensive gay manner in order to incite anger from a member of the other team. Often references "vanilla milkshakes."

See also "Dark Lotus"
Shit, I was just playing HQ, and this kid went all fucking NYPDNiteshift. He ended up with more kills than almost the entire rest of the team. What a bitch. I mean shit, the first huey was fun, but the 3rd and 4th? And don't even get me started about the fucked up shit he says to little kids.
by The Black Flower January 10, 2011
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