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NYC Thots are the kind of trash you get from the corner of any street. You meet them hoes at bars, clubs, parks, schools, etc. Anywhere a thot is needed she is there. One in particular is a Soul thot. She suck yo dick so good yo soul leave yo body. You mainly call NYC Thots, soul takers.
Them: Damn bruh you ever got that Soul Taker?
You: These NYC Thots go hard!
Them: Yeah my nigga, that shit was like an out of body experience!
by Yoinkey April 22, 2019
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They are the worst of the worst. Aids on all on they fingers, they pussies built like a STD hive, they ain't got no morals. Not all thots are bad but you find that certain thot that make yo dick do the stinky leg and you done. You ain't never recovering partner.
Me: You heard what happened to joey?
Them: Nah what happened?
Me: He fucked around with them Nyc Thots.
Them: Damnnnn his dick is no longer with us homie....
by Yoinkey April 22, 2019
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