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Ntg1d's Fake mano is a fake version of mano that has cancerous bullshit that was copied off of the real Mano made by my good boi iKevinL. What you all don't know is that ntg1d bangs his hi comm, (hint hint, he tried a condom, too bad his ling long dick too fuckin small) anyways, his mano is really gay, and he banged his head admin. too bad, sadly he didn't enjoy it due to his problem on his ling long ass so he rescheduled another time to bang one of his head admins. all i can say is ntg1d, fuck yourself. Mano County is a game made by iKevinL but a retard called NTG1D decided to copy it and that's where this all started.
NTG1D's Fake Mano is so gay, I'd rather eat trash with the homeless crew than play his shitty ass game.
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