No Rules Free Admin (NRFA) is a discord server based around the freedom of no rules and the expression of human opinion in terms of beliefs and shared ideas. Originally, NRFA had admin perms so you could create private text channels in the server or create voice channels for just you and your friend, however this was later removed in the 5th edition of the server. Now, the server has no perms and is just a place with a lack of moderation and freedom. Currently (as of 9th of December 2020), the server is on it's 8th iteration and will likely see a magnitude of new and improved servers in the future.
Melondoggo: Man, I want somewhere to post all my weird shit that people reject me for irl.
potatopoii: i know a server for you!
allah cat: yes, join nrfa :monkey:
Melondoggo: send the invite.
barley: yes
Melondoggo: calla puta
by barley. December 9, 2020