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When Phil Swift was bestowed in this beautiful world, the sky seemed to light up. Rainbows appeared everyone as Phil Swift said his first word...or four words, 'That's A Lotta Damage'. Right after Phil Swift said these four words, the world shook, tornadoes killed millions of people and injured even more, earthquakes made buildings collapsed and the world fell in a dark state. Phil was filled with guilt and wanted to fix everything he destroyed, so he came up with something so magnificent and amazing, it was considered a weapon of the gods. It was called... Flex Seal. It was made out of Phil Swift own blood and sweat. This is what gave Flex Seal, its mighty power. Using this godly weapon, he fixed everything. The buildings and structures. The people who died and were injured. The boat that was sawed in half because of a saw that was flung by a tornado. After he fixed everything he had destroyed, he was finally happy. All the guilt in him before had vanished away. The whole world cheered him name and called him their saviours. Phil felt great but he didn't want this. He didn't want his named to be called. He just wanted to be normal, just a normal person doing normal things. So he use his powers to clear everybody's memory about the disaster, Flex Seal's true power and Phil Swift godly ability. Everybody forgot about him but he was fine, he didn't want people to praise him. This is the story that was created from just four words... 'That's A Lotta Damage'....

by the real skinny p July 23, 2018
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