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there is 2 meaning

1.when not spelling or getting words in a song right and someone truns around and correct's you.
2. when playing a fps (first person shooter) or rpg (role playing game) and a creature,beast,person... scare's or creep's you to the point u spay bullets everywhere while yelling out not very nice things at it.
1. (john ) " if u like pina coladas and walking in the ra....."

(jackie) "it's If you like Piña Coladas, getting caught in the rain........." NOPEscoped
2. (john) "i was playing F.E.A.R (fps) and i was running in this hallway and this big ass creature jumped out and i just sprayed it and keept yelling shit at it "

(jackie) " NOPEscoped"
by MisFitCommander's rules&stuff November 15, 2014
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