The best type of encoding in an alternate reality game
I'm tired of seeing 0s and 1s in these edgy ARGs, gimme something that's non-binary for once.
by CrashRocks1419 September 26, 2021
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People who claim to be non-binary, which in itself, makes it a binary
are you non-binary?
fucking gay mf
by AssButtSnatcher October 28, 2021
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Identification for someone whom does not identify as man or woman but as in between or outside these boundaries. These individuals are fabulous stunning amazing beautiful queer-tabulous slay kueeng boots the house down pop your p***y. These individuals usually have gender-neutral names and go by a combination of He/They/She or using only one (They/them, He/Him, She/Her)
Person 1: Did you hear that Ace is non-binary ?

Person 2: Omg I love that for them!
by I’m Queer May 25, 2022
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A way that people claim to identify as in terms of gender.
" I identify as non-binary."

" Hahaha. I identify as an Apache helicopter".
by East Yorkshire May 29, 2017
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