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NJ Martin is the scientific name for a wide variety of things.

Heres a few words that NJ Martin works in conjunction with;
Pimp, Baller, Mack, Beast, Goon, Thug, Gangster, High Roller, G'd Up, Fresh, Money, Green, Mulah, Doja, Kush, Crack Slangin' Beast, 25 inch long penis.
Brittney - I sure wish I had an NJ Martin

Tiara - Girl, I wish I did too, Then I wouldn't have to do nothing with my piece of shit life except sit around the house and be a lazy whore even more than my good for nothing ass is now, and suck my NJ Martin's dick every 5 minutes.

Brittney - Yes girl, I feel you... That's the life I wanna be living. Please Jesus send me a NJ Martin.
by -NJ- January 14, 2011
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