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An integral part of your computer (or any other piece of equiptment) which can randomly malfunction, causing a variety of issues and complaints, but which will then work the next day and/or the minute a tech looks at it. This allows the tech to take credit for fixing your computer, when in reality they have NFI what was wrong with it in the first place or how they got it to work.

Also used to appease or confuse technology-challenged users who demand to know what broke (even though they won't understand what you tell them).
-Tech pokes monitor, computer boots up-
Tech: Your computer's all fixed, ma'am.
Lady: Oh, that's lovely. Did you figure out the problem?
Tech: Uh, yeah... You see, your, uh, NFI bus wasn't interfacing properly with the-
Lady: Wow, that sounds complicated! Thanks for all your hard work, I'm surprised you could get it done so fast!
by aahhelp July 21, 2006
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