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A combination of the word NAZI and NIGGER.
Used to describe those members of the African-American community that believe they are entitled to extreme preferrential treatment of their ethinicity above ALL other ethnic groups in the areas of government, industry and media due to their feeling of either superiority or entilement due to their ancestral past.

They are prone to blame any other racial or ethnic groups (mainly people of European ancestry)for their cummulative short commings in education, finance and general acceptance both morally and socially by the population as a whole. the NAZIGGER feels he or she is short changed by the system and is entitled to free monetary assets and social preference in ALL areas of society, regardless of who or what is undermined by these said "front of the line" actions.

The NAZIGGER is quick to pull the racist card on all other races EXCEPT their own when it come to job hiring, promotion, or legal matters to include law violations. They feel that are SEPARATE AND ABOVE EQUAL to the rest of the population and deserve extra special treatment and recompense.
"The over representation of the Black community in the media is a NAZIGGER plot."

Obama might be a closet Nazigger!
by socialviewer6 October 23, 2010
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