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A whole new level of intoxication. Three football fields past blackout-drunk.

Symptoms of NAPO-Drunk include, but are not limited to: Talking with your eyes closed, spitting on the floor despite being inside a house, binge eating of uncooked frozen meats, reoccurring need to "pound it", hug people and using phrased such as "I got this on lockdown". In extreme situations someone who is NAPO-Drunk will wake up multiple times after being put to bed and will reemerge in nothing more than hole-y underwear, run out into the street and try and "hide" from people while calling himself a "ninja".
Wow! You were NAPO-Drunk last night. You woke up AGAIN wearing only your boxers, went into the kitchen and threw a shotglass down the sink and turned on the garbage disposal as a distraction for you as you ran out the back door and hid in the neighborhood. You didn't come back for 2 hours!
by Tara H. & Holden McGroin July 24, 2011
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