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National Association for Gifted and Talented Youth

A large organisation that (you guessed it) supports gifted and talented youth. By joining you get oppurtunities to go to summer school (which actually don't suck) or learning days in which you don't actually do anything, but it looks great on your school records that you've gone to a "lecture on architechtural expeditions).

You get in either by getting a high result in an IQ test or doing well (top 5%) in the CATS exams that select schools do. That being said, it isn't meant to be based on how *smart* you are, it's how much potential you have.
*person 1* wot u doing this sumr?
*person 2* I'm going to a Nagty summer school.
*person 1* OMG u must b lyk well stupid. Tell ur prnts u wnt go.
*person 2* Nope, actually, and I'm going of my own free will
*person 1* Freak
*person 3* Indeed
by like_I_care July 25, 2006
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