Doh doh doh doh ... NOB
by CArTeR February 20, 2003
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Nobs are freshman at The Citadel (a military college in South Carolina).

Also used as an insult.

At the Citadel, nobs are not allowed to walk on sidewalks, and must enter buildings through the rear door.

"Give me back my bracelet, you nob!"
by trisarahtop April 21, 2006
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Super sexy, super cool, super fashion forward guys. Most nobs work in either a restaurant or pub. Girls loves nobs.
"How much of a nob is matt!"
"I know he's such a nob!"
by Sick dude 123 April 25, 2017
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"Im coppin nobs from a dirty slut hope i dont wake up with sores"
by Uncle Dogs April 06, 2010
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