NOB is an insult word directed to an Idiot.

It’s mainly used when someone does or says something completely and utterly idiotic, and you yell it at them in recoil of the stupid situation that just occurred.
Person 1: *Drops glass of water*
Person 1: “Oh no! I dropped my glass of water! Now there’s glass and water everywhere...”
Person 2: “Oh my god, you NOB!”
by CranberrySprite September 09, 2019
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Never Off the Boat.

A more extreme version of a fob (fresh off the boat). A Nob will do anything possible to avoid contact with foreigners, even if they are in foreign land.
Hey! Look at those bunch of Koreans. They are such nobs. They won't talk to us at all.
by julioyjulia November 30, 2010
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Nickname of Taniguchi Nobutero, one of Japan's top drivers in the sport of drifting. NOB stands for "No One Better".
In addition to being one of Japan's top drifters, NOB is a highly skilled grip driver as well.
by zoom July 14, 2005
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Some one that is a cross between a dork and a freak. Some one that is a loser and can be easily made fun of.
Whoa that guy is a complete nob!

Hey junior would ya stop being such a nob!
by brown eyez January 02, 2004
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Nob is what you usually get when you misspell the word "Noob". Many people think you mean noob, but some wont know if you are trying to say the penis meaning. This is why you watch what you are doing when you type.
Quickscoper: Bitch, please. Its "Noob".


Guy 1: fuck you nob
Guy 2: lol you are a noob you cant even spell that
by jigsteal June 30, 2015
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Nation of Obscene Brilliance a Group with the intentions of praising themselves and whom are intellectually superior to the outside world they refrain from swine consumption as all Nations of... do
by MCCrispy August 11, 2009
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To call someone a noob but a little more as a joke
Man we lost that game because of you you're such a Nob
by Noblol November 04, 2020
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