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noun A strong-willed female of the asian ethnicity who is perfect in all shapes and forms. She is independent, doesn't need a man to help her get back on her feet, and is headstrong, doing things her way and never backing down until the job is finished. She leads others to believe that she is tough on the outside, to protect herself of course, when she is really sweet and innocent on the inside. She puts herself down for many reasons that can only exist inside her head and calls herself "fat", "useless", or "broken", when she is really "perfect", "beautiful", and "darnnnn skinny". She is the flawed but wonderful older sister, the advice giver, the amazing listener, and the one who would set down anything to help you with your problems. Anyone who can get close enough to a Mythu should consider themselves lucky and gifted. A Mythu can be found online typing away on websites such as Facebook or Tumblr or going through many wonderful clothing stores. She is a talented artist, a bird trapped in a cage, and a dreamer.
Woah, that girl just scored a perfect score on the SAT's! She is such a Mythu.
by Mewncakes December 23, 2010
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