This is the level of Internet Purgatory dedicated to old myspace profiles. A profile found here will most likely never be updated again but is also unlikely to get deleted. This may happen when a user forgets their password, is hacked, goes to prison, dies, or even when they simply abandon their myspace profile.

In case of a death, the profile can usually be found listed on mydeathspace. However, not all profiles on the site are in Myspace Purgatory. Many are updated by friends who knew the user's password, and are thus still in the mortal plane.

When a profile is hacked, the fate of the profile depends mostly on the motive of the hacker. A hacker looking to break into accounts to eventually hack an e-mail or paypal account is likely to leave the profile as it had been left by the original user's last update. If a hacker is out to get a particular user, the profile may be altered to include obscene information and doctored photographs. The profile is not officially in purgatory until the hacker has abandoned the page and is no longer updating.

This is quickly becoming the most common type of Internet Purgatory as Myspace expands to include more and more members who know very little about the internet and are apt to use their boyfriend's name or even "password" as their password. The frequency of this is likely to continue to increase.

A profile may occasionally find it's way out of purgatory - this either happens when a user solves their login problems and returns or when the page is entirely deleted.

The original owner of a myspace profile located in Purgatory is themself also considered to be in Purgatory for as long as the profile is there.
Shotgotbang666SexySweptBangs can't get into her myspace anymore! Unless she can fix this, she'll be stuck in Myspace Purgatory forever!
by Ashley Harrington September 18, 2006
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