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A queen. A beautiful, eccentric, strong, blunt, passionate, and honest woman. If you're lucky enough to meet Myrish, it'll change your life forever. She will turn your world from dull and mundane to bright and full of unexpected bursts of immense happiness. If you ever want to have a truly intellectual conversation or learn something new, Myrish is the perfect person to talk to because she is extremely intelligent and very wise. She has a passion for music that can inspire even the most non-musical people, and she plays the trombone like a BOSS.

WARNING: Meeting Myrish is likely to cause overwhelming feelings of love and blissful happiness. Effects may be permanent. If you happen to catch Myrish, don't let her go; you won't find another one anywhere else in the world.
Friend: "Hey, why are you smiling all the time?"
You: "YO! I finally found Myrish and she's changed my life forever!"

Friend: "Why are you always on Skype for so long?"
You: "I was talking to Myrish, she makes you never want to leave!"

Friend: "Who's that girl with the awesome hair and the trombone on her back?"
You: "Oh man, that's Myrish...have you heard her play? She's such a beast!"
by TheGal February 13, 2014
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