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Very strong independent girl. She is also very beautiful, and will grow up to have great friends and a very strong future. She will be loved by everyone she meets. She will have a great personality, beautiful eyes, hair, and will reflect her Christianity views inside and out. She is an all around beautiful girl. She will have compassion for everyone and everything. She will be a lover and definitely not a player. Mylyn's often come from the South. She will also be very charismatic.
(Person #1) Man, I am absaloutly in love this this girl. She is amazing!

(Person #2) O, you must be talking about Mylyn. Hold onto her!
by misty0124 October 10, 2011
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An attention seeking bitch. Fat, short and is a slut.
Only cares about boys.
Look at My-lyn trying to flirt with other peoples boyfriends
by rat_ly July 19, 2011
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