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The title or name given to someone with perceived supreme intelligence. Myles is a person often well-built. He is very handsome and always dresses well. He has a sharp mind and is very smart and witty. If you are talking to a Myles, you will find yourself smiling and wishing that he could be yours, though you know he can't. Myles' generally have blonde hair and blue eyes and go for redheads or girls named Ashley and Sarah because of their bubbly personalities. Myles' are fun people to be around and never fail to make everyone around them happy. They have amazing athletic ability, and are often three sport athletes. Most Myles' play basketball or rugby. They are always looking for a nice girl with a good sense of humor and who they can spend hours talking to. They don't date just to date, and they spend their time getting to know someone before they start. A Myles can light up the room in an instant by cracking one of his witty jokes or even just creating conversation. A Myles has many friends, girls and boys, and, while he maybe isn't the most popular in the class, everyone sees the good in him and loves him. He is a great best friend and boyfriend and anyone who knows him is lucky to have that privilege.
I love hanging with Myles Montague
by K-Baller January 13, 2015
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