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A "tracker" to see which people are looking at your myspace, that DOESN'T exist, so STOP forwarding those stupid bulletins or I'm deleting you off my friends list, ho!
There aren't any myspace trackers that work, most of them are bulletins created to help people make money off of advertising.
by Lynese June 19, 2006
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The other listed definition is correct, but I happen to know of one that does exist and definitely works. It's just that profile trackers are supposedly against the MySpaz Terms of Service, something to do with how you're not supposed to be able to secretly view other people's IP address without their knowledge. Violating the TOS could get your laboriously pimped profile page deleted.
Used in a sentence: "That stalker used his MySpace Tracker to get my IP address. He found it with his Myspace Tracker and matched it to my home address. So now my computer has a virus and I have a disease. I put a Myspace Tracker in my profile now too."

I'm only putting this part in so you know I am not bullshitting you, but for the record I get nothing out of this. No profit motive here. That said...
Unless they have changed it, the profile tracker that actually works can be found at
The rest, and all the ones you hear about in the Bulletins on Myspaz, will give you Computer Herpes and shit like that.
by PANiC! in my Pants February 02, 2007
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