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ladies, you know that guy ; the one that you might have ALWAYS had some type of connection to ? could tell anything to, and he always listened ; but never seen it going anywhere more than that ? and managed to be your CUTTY BUDDY (frequent sexual relations partner) for a long time ? but it was strictly sexually based ? bam bam , thank you mam' ? and then , the texts became more frequent. when he came around you got all giggly ? you think of him more and more, and he just cant escape your mind ? and then , you text to tell him that you no longer want to be his secret, and that you know things will never be more than what they are , and you tell him that you KNOW he would never talk to you, in the relationship type of way ; you expect to get a text back thats going to say goodbye, but instead, he responds back and says "yes i would" . that cutty buddy, thats always there ? he's gone. he no longer replaces that significant other you might have been wasting time with . he's now your significant other, but you know ; he's been in it so long, he's not going anywhere.
- the moment i realised that i could no longer be his secret , was the moment i knew i wanted to tell the world , MyCoogi came at the right time .
by WordsThatRelate(: October 21, 2011
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