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When you play a guitar to get your emotions out for an extended period of time. The tips get so raw under you nails start to bleed. Some times threw the sides of your fingers.

This usualy happens when someone has so much to say and not the words but the sound to carry them. When you loose someone you love, your best friend stabs you in the back, don't beat em and sling them. Get bloody fingers about it.
Sally: My fingers are bleeding. I figured instead of telling them with a voice I could just play a little.
James: I herd you threw your door. I shut the music in the house off. Let us hear.

Phlip: Thats some mighty fine picken thier girl.
Sally: K hear goes.

James: OMG darlin where did all that come from? Dude Phlip, she's doing that mising a string too man.
Phill: Let it out home girl we like it.
Sally: (thinking of the reason it comes out and starts to cry) All will be well but my heart is screaming in a well.

James: you gonna talk about it?
Sally: How do I talk about what cannot be fixed after breaking that hard to the ground after the fall.
James: I think your doing that part now darlin
Sally: <3 you guys
by S0much2sayinafoolsgame November 20, 2009
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