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Someone who only owns "The Black Parade" but thinks there a "mega ultra ubber fan". Sadly they outweigh the real fans and give them a bad name. Because of wannabe emo 13 year old's MCR has become known as a "typical whinny emo band", when the in fact have decent music, meaningful lyrics, and are completly against suicide.

xxultraxemoxultraxmcrxfan- heyzzz ever1 isnt black parde da best cdzzzzz ever?

ixluvzxgerardxway- of cousezzz!!!! i luv mcr so effing much dey rock so hard! lolololol im so emozzzzz yeah i guess the black parade was cool, but the bullets cd is my favorite. i also love the inner story of the revenge cd!

ixluvxgerardxway- whatzzz ru taking bout dey only gotzzz 1 cd stupid my chemical romance poser

*you have been booted from this chatroom*
by East Park March 19, 2010
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