A beautiful and mature woman who is loving, obedient, flirtatious and kind, who is really a good and “proper” girl inside and out, yet for her man, will do most anything. Willingly. Eagerly. Voraciously. And In doing so, smartly, wisely, adDICts her man to her. He is insatiably drawn to her. She becomes his obsession and in turn he will do most anything to keep her.

Also it applies to the opposite role. Male to female in a Fem-Dom relationship

Or even same sax, usually top/bottom style relationship

Co-dependent relationship usually.
I am so attached to My Little Slut, she satisfies my every desire willingly, all while remaining so good and pure.

She is ir-replaceable and I am adDICted to her body mind and soul

i don’t want to ever lose her.
by Frankielicious November 17, 2021