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Mutsy is a man who is 100% Greek.
ME: Let's sacrifice 50 Greek virgins for Mutsy!

Mutsy the Bearslayer: They need not be virgins!
by hardXcore_emokidddd February 12, 2009
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1. Like James Hetfield, a dude too manly for you. He dwells in the deep dark suburbia of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but occassionaly goes on expiditions to the wilderness of Upstate to kill bears with his bare hands. Pun intended. He is also known for making sweet, sweet rock, and drives a chariot. He is descended from the Greek Gods, but also has a streak of Odin somewhere in his blood since Vikings are so metal. His real name is too cool for you, and therefore he is known by his diminutive to the non-exclusive community: Mutsy.
Me: Let's sacrifice 50 Greek Virgins to Mutsy the Bearslayer.

Mutsy: Stop calling me Mutsy.
by Lil Solstice XOXO February 12, 2009
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