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A beardy-weirdy fundamentalist Muslim man. He is keen to denounce anything fun as 'haram'. Drinking? Haram! A woman's exposed ankle? Haram! Driving with ovaries? SUPER HARAM! He will also be a massive hypocrite and indulge privately in many of the 'sins' which he publicly rails against. Whichever 'sin' he denounces most fervently in public will be the one that he secretly does himself in private. Examples:

- A Mutawaa who publicly clamours for adulterers to be stoned to death will have a dozen or so mistresses.
- A Mutawaa who supports the hanging to death of LGBTQ people will have a secret gay lover. Bonus points if he also hires Rent Boys.
- A Mutawaa who clads the women of his family in burqas and enjoys slut-shaming women who expose their ankles/hair/noses in public will have an extensive porn collection stashed away in the darkest depths of his hard drive. 80% of his stash will be the really nasty stuff.

Some signs that will help you to spot a Mutawaa:

- Has a big ol' beard.
- Wears a dress and/or prayer cap.
- Often points at things and shouts "HARAM!" or "KUFFAR!" or "SHAYTAN!"
- Every other word he says will be "Inshallah", "Mashallah", "Alhamdulillah", "Astaghfirullah", "Bismillah", "Ummah", "Jinn", ... Well, you get the idea.
- Hands out Muslimified Chick Tracts to randomers (He refers to this is "Doing Dawah").

Not all Mutawaas will do all of the above - but most of them will do most of the above.
Three notorious Mutawaas are:
Osama Bin Laden
Zakir Naik
The guy who Hamza (Diary of a bad man) always greets with "Wagwan Taliban".
by nist858 November 20, 2013
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mutawaa: this word only used in saudi arabia.the mutawaa is a person who belongs to ethical police who tries to protect the society from the imported westren values,norms.
the mutawaa is chaising young women and men to not meet or date.
by saiari October 21, 2006
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