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V - An ancient Japanese sex move that was first attempted by the two mighty dragons Opai, and Hentai.

This aged move begins with a female lying down in a star-position. The two men (who must have a penis sized 13 inches or larger) then shove their penises into the woman's nipple. The woman then tilts her legs backwards over her shoulders. The third man then takes a funnel and inserts it into the woman's clitoris. Rubbing on the erogenous zone, while the same man then ejaculates into the funnel. This process wil continue for two hours, and every ten minute, each man rotates positions.

This move concludes with the woman's pubic area resulting with a reddish colour, and bumpy texture, and leaves the nipple opened and sore.

WARNING: Do not attempt the Mutatonomine unless you are a trained professional. Doing so will be at your own risk. If you are to attempt it, it may result in the death of two or more people.
Dude 1: "Yo man, I'm going to try the mutatonomine on my girlfriend later this week."

Dude 2: "Careful, I hear that shit is hardcore."
by Gluppet December 09, 2010
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