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One of the main characters in Metalocalypse episode 4: Dethtroll.
A troll from the Finnish Necronomicon that dethklok awakens during an apology to Finland that turned into a concert. The act was unintentional, as they had found the song in an old Finnish book. The band was declaring the song the new Finnish national anthem. As the story unfolds, Mustakrakish can not be stopped by normal means, so Dethklok proceeds to write the first "soft death-metal" song ever to be written using medieval acoustic instruments. Mustakrakish is dozing off, when Murderface's "dethphone" rings. Mustakrakish wakes up, destroys the instruments, and all hope is lost. However, thanks to Murderface's short temper, he throws the phone in Mustakrakish's mouth, as he can not hear the person he is talking to and his call is lost. The pain from the spikes on the dethphone is too much for Mustakrakish, and he begins tearing out his own innards to get the device out of his system. He then proceeds to blow up, causing millions of dollars worth of damage to Finland.
Mustakrakish is t3h 4w350m3!!1!1!
by sk0t September 29, 2006
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