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When a homosexual man (Fag, homo, gay, etc...) is performing oral sex on another man... Now if you are a good partner, you will take it in the mouth and swallow it down... But we all know, that every now and then, ejaculations don't go exactly where we aim them... Thats where the muctache catch comes in... A good gay partner will ALWAYS have a full mustache on his upper lip... That way, if theres some straggling squirts during ejaculation, it will be conveniently caught in the mustache, which can easily be transfered to the mouth with a quick swipe of the tongue... YUMMY!
"Wow, I'm sure glad Steve had the mustache catch in his arsenal! If he didn't we woulda had a HUGE mess!"

"Say what you will about Alice, I KNOW she's not a looker, BUT she had the best mustache catch EVER! I swear, it caught the whole load, and held it there till she could swallow it all!"

"I had an AMAZING bonding moment with my love, Albert last night! He caught my load in his mustache catch, and I licked it off... Wow, do I taste GOOD!"

"MmMm, look at hus mustache catch! I bet it could hold a GALLON!"
by Cum Gurgler June 08, 2009
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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