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A term reserved for Muslims that have gone crazy in an uprising to bring down their leaders. Specifically in cases like the Libyan & Egyptian uprisings back in early 2011 when many muslims rose up to overthrow their leaders and change their government. Unfortunately "Muslim Mania" can lead to widespread chaos and fighting in the Muslim world along with rising oil/gas prices around the world. "Muslim Mania" is also highly contagious because when one Muslim country starts an uprising, its neighboring countries start an uprise too (like Egypt, Libya and Tunisia).
Billy Bob: Hey Jane, have you seen all those Libyans rioting against Gadhafi?

Jane: Yeah i saw it on CNN's iReport. Someone needs to stop this Muslim Mania!

Jerry: (at a gas station filling up gas) Can you believe that gas rose to over $4 in just 2 weeks? Someone needs to stop this Muslim Mania!

CNN News Anchor: In other news, gas prices are expected to reach an all time high of $5 a gallon this summer as this Muslim Mania continues to spread across the Middle East and Northern Africa. We now go live to Anderson Cooper reporting from the center of this Muslim Mania.
by thuggin4real April 18, 2011
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