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Anybody who has never met a muslim, nor have they ever read any piece of the Holy Quran. They think they are terrorists who hurt everyone who is not Muslim. But really most of the people in these bombings being hurt are Muslims themselves, so no the only incident that anyone Non-Muslims have been hurt was 9/11. (still very tragic) They sit on their computer all day writing stuff and have no references except watching CNN. They only think brown people and the Middle- East , but really white people,black people, asians are all part of Islam. Many people have burned the Quran, but we have never burned anyone's sacred books. Less than 0.0005% of muslim's are terrorists. The only things that these haters know about the religion are stereotypes. Our religion is about peace.
Muslim Haters: Muslims are terrorists. About 60% of them are.

Smart person: Well find 100 Muslims . Tell me how many are part of Al qaida or taliban. And how many of them were rude.

(few days later)

Muslim Haters: None :(
by Bobby Susan August 27, 2011
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