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1. A person who white washes Islamic violence by throwing out a distraction such as another religion when the subject is Islam.

2. A person who will call you racist or a bigot for talking about statistics involving Muslims.
Muslim Apologist:
Example 1: Yes Bob I agree ISIS,Taliban,Boko haram, Al Shabab, Al Qaeda, Al-Nursa are a problems but lets talk about KKK, they are Christians and they killed people at one point in time..

Example 2: You racist bigot how dare you talk Muslims! I may agree Islam is bad and seen Islamic terrorism chart being 90% of the worlds average but lets talk about the abortion bombing a few decades ago instead.
by Atheism is correct April 05, 2015
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A defense mechanism for people that refuse to tolerate nuance when attempting to understand the actual relationship between violence and religion.
I do not think that Syrian refugees deserve to drown in the ocean. Bill called me a Muslim Apologist anyways.
by Daveysthunderpegasus June 14, 2016
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