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Muskrat Karma is the karma created for leaving a Muskrat's Nest. Leaving a Muskrat's Nest on the undeserving and unwitting breeds bad Muskrat Karma. Leaving a Muskrat's Nest to the deserving breeds good Muskrat Karma.
Example of bad Muskrat Karma:

Jake: Rob, I just built a huge Muskrat's Nest in my grandma's bathroom! Isn't that some funny shit!?

Rob: Damn, Jake! That's not funny at all! Don't you know that creates bad Muskrat Karma for you? Now you're destined to be Muskrat's Nested yourself!

Jake: Oh, God! Where's the shovel?

Example of good Muskrat Karma:

Rob: Jake, I just snuck into the lady's room and built the largest Muskrat's Nest EVER! That'll teach this shitty restaurant to have shitty service!

Jake: <LOL> Yeah it will! Dude, you're totally gonna get some good Muskrat Karma! I doubt anyone will ever Muskrat's Nest your bathroom ever again!

Rob: High Five!!
by TheLordofHazard March 09, 2010
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