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This occurs when a person discovers a particular band or artist and becomes obsessed with them and wont listen to anything else for a long period of time, buys band merchandise and feels the uncontrollable need to make their friends listen to it. Often an intervention is required to rescue a friend from this annoying condition. Interventions usually occur on long road trips, forcing passengers to go to extreme measures such as ejecting the cd and throwing it out the window when the affected friend is not looking.
When Todd discovered the Kings of Leon, he was sucked into a state of musical monogamy. He insisted on listening to Kings of Leon and nothing else for months. Eventually his friends got so burned out they had to intervene. When Todd stopped at the gas station, Ross took every KOL cd out of the player and hid them from Todd. After the initial shock wore off and Todd went through the withdrawal process they proceeded with the road trip with a wide variety of tunes.
by iviesmith October 24, 2011
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