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A student majoring in music is often questioned on their sanity due to the intense level of work required and the crap pay rates of just about any future job available. Despite often being intelligent, this person willingly locks him or herself into a practice room for hours every week, becoming a virtual slave. Furthermore, additional funds are spent by acquiring a teacher in his or her field of study. If ever you need a psychotic peer to explain to you the circle of fifths, this person will not be your target because he or she will look at you strangely and wonder why you do not know such an elementary concept.
Tom: Hey Bill, ya wanna catch a movie tonight?
Bill: Sorry best friend Tom, I've got rehearsal.

Sonny: Hey Bill, ya wanna study for that chem test tomorrow with me?
Bill: Chem test? psh... I don't study for superfluous classes! I've got rehearsal!

Sabrina: Hey Bill, I was wondering if you had plans this weekend? *gives Bill a sultry look*
Bill: Sorry Sabrina, love of my life, I've got rehearsal, but if it makes you feel any better I will sing my Mozart aria for you!

Sabrina: ....uh
Bill: ...I guess she didn't know I'm a Music Major.
by Michelle L. Rigby September 28, 2012
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